Which product do I use for facial contouring?

Ready ass. There is 1.5 ML in each syringe and I need to re-volumize the face so this is a great product to do so. I feel in temples, Cheekbones, smile lines, jawlines, and hands. It really is a wonderful product.

What’s the best filler for the lips?

I use a lot of different fillers for the lips. My go to product is usually Juvéderm because it attracts more water and plums to lips. However, I have used Villatoro and Restylane in the lips as well for excellent results.

How long does Botox last?

It’s a good question and I get it all the time. I find there is some semi permanent to the effect of Botox when you repeat the injection. This is because it relaxes the muscle and therebyCreates flattening of the skin above it. With repeated flattening of the muscle,...